Cusco to Puno

Beautiful Cusco

We took a buss from Cusco to Puno in order to save some time. Almost halfway in our trip, it’s high time to reach Boliva and a new landscape.

We booked a bus with a more reputable company, as Peru is known for its buss accidents. The seats were super fancy, but halfway down the trip they turned off the airco so it became super hot and stuffed. The whole way they also played the tv at loud volume. Seriously I think half the people here are deaf and the other half just love noice. But all in all it was a very comfortable ride.

In Puno we went on a boat trip to the Uros islands, both interesting and annoying, the biggest touristtrap I’ve ever fallen into.

Tourist version of a traditional reed boat.

One the one hand it’s cool to see how people used to live on floating islands, on the other hand it’s annoying to have to filter through all the touristy crap.

The building of the islands: root blocks with organic matter, topped with reeds to make a soft carpet. No need for shoes!

The worst is when they drop you on the island and let everybody make sad faces to drag as much money from you as possible. They sell overpriced “home-made” items identical to the stuff on the market and try to push you into another boat for another fee.

The modern way to build reed boats, plastics! Not sure if I should be sad that the traditions changed or happy that somebody puts all this plastic waste to use.

We left the island rather annoyed, a French couple in the same tour seemed even more unhappy, but most unhappy were the tour and island people because we refused to buy. They should learn that Europeans don’t like to be pushed around. (Anastasija thinks I should be less critical.)


All in all I’m glad I learnt something and that we hadd a moment of the bike, but most of all I’m glad we usually steer our bikes away from these traps.

Newyears eve in Puno was also a nice experience. Restaurants were surprisingly empty so we used the chance and got stuffed on good food and chocolate fondue.  We fell asleap by nine in the evening, but woke up from fireworks in the street. Cool to see what happens when fireworks are cheap and unregulated. I was surprised no cars got blown up in the process.

Bring on the chocolate!

In order to ensure a further year of happiness and travelling we finally walked a circle around the Plaza de Armas in yellow underwear. Hope this peruvian tradition holds true.

Now we are about two days away drom the Bolivian border, meaning that soon updates will become a lot more sparce. The area we cycle through is rather deserted, the roads will be small and of bad quality and generally we don’t expect much wifi or even phone connection.

If all goes according to plan we should reach Chile (Visviri) in about 10 days. There should be at least a better phone connection.



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