Antigua-via Lima-Huarochiri

Finally access to water and food after 5 days of cycling in the desert.

At first, Lima traffic was crazy, but survivable on a sunday morning before sunrise. The surroundings quickly changed into a quiet and deserted landscape though.

The first night we found out the stove broke, probably during the flight. To solve the problem, I walked back 5 km through the desert, hitchhiked and took some buses to one of the two shops in Peru selling camping stoves (as found on Google). Loaded with an extra 7l bottle of water on the way back I must have made a funny sight to passing truck drivers.

The desert road went up and up, and slowly but surely we reached the treeline. Here on the other side of the world everything is turned around. North is hot, south is cold and trees grow above the treeline, not below.

Note to self. When there’s vegetation, don’t go turning around stones at night, there are scorpions!

Finally we got a decent lunch in the world’s most unexpected but most welcome restaurant!

This also introduced an end to the many switchbacks, the road finally becoming reasonable again.

So. Now it’s just a bit more up to 3800, then down to Huarochiri and up to 4900m! That will be chilly. But that’s for later. The elevation is taking it’s toll, we both have a headache and will need to rest for a while.

Update: left the lake and got cheese and fruit in the first real village since Lima. 10 houses, 5 shops and 2 restaurants.

Some pictures:

Slowly uphill in the desert valley
First night in a dried river canyon


Mototaxi to Lima
Mototaxi to Lima


Slowly uphill in the desert valley
Slowly uphill in the desert valley

No picture of the scorpion as I preferred to jump away!



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