Arrived in Lima

Tasty midnight snack with papaya juice!

After a few heated discussions with taxi drivers and a seemingly endless flight we have reached Lima. No matter how detailed we wrote that we have big boxes with bikes, the taxi companies think they’d be able to transport us in a facy sedan with an almost nonexistent trunk.

Even under the clouds, a few hours in the tropic sun was enough to turn my head into a strawberry. Should have noticed that even the peruvians had a solid cm of sunscreen plastered on their faces.


Also, first time i was asked if belgium lies by the Mediterranean.

The people who say peruvian food doesn’t amount to much are liars. Tasty quinoa burgers!

The gear seems to have survived the flight. Tomorrow we assemble the bikes and on sunday we go!

Sidenote: what on earth is this? A sea-toupet?



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